Its snowing on Christmas day, isnt this a sign?orThe Marauders celebrate Christmas together. Harry was lying on his back, slightly hunched. The gate was locked up tight. All was quiet. He has to be forced to see that or else he won't accept it. Everybody has a line in which they will not cross, and will not bend. He finds himself battling his demons in the Leaky Cauldron when hes comforted by an old friend. Do you see many clichs and common places? He laid back down and closed his eyes. Harry sits like the good boy he is. LGBTQ Everyone was just obsessed with him, seeing him as one of the most beautiful men in the world. Harry Potter and the Head Girl 7. Truthfully, Harry liked the attention and the thought that Lucius put into buying him things. Bring me along. Firewhisky and Rain is sure to get your heart racing. Daddy asked softly. Daddy waited till Harry fell back asleep and tucked him back in. Or Muggleborns. Harry asked as snot and tears poured down his face. Gender swap Harry woke up and blinked. A chance encounter in a London pub leads to a whirlwind romance between recent Hogwarts graduate Harry Potter and the famous artist Tom Riddle, who paints under the name Lord Voldemort. He didn't know what the potion had done to him, but it was obviously affecting his brain. Is she successful? Draco Malfoy is the perfect bad boy to help Hermione get over Rons betrayal, and shell soon find that they are both in for a wild ride. He sniffled a few times. Severus was spread out underneath him, sweaty and flushed and slightly smaller than himself. Inspired by March 2023 Microfic Prompt List on Tumblr by @jilymicrofics. The war's over. Harry. Harry Potter as a Baby - Spankings and Fluff - Wattpad Read Spankings and Fluff from the story Harry Potter as a Baby by Daycee1 with 26,888 reads. Bellatrix is such a child, crazy and I can't stand her. Their lives cannot be permanently physically damaged. Severus stood up. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. The bad news: that's because he looks totally different, and can't be sure anymore that he was ever Harry Potter in the first place. Remus Lupin receives a summons from the One and Only Dark Lord Voldemort. He is chosen to be the first gamer of the multiverse. What if a couple of changes to the past could change the future? I Don't Do Sides || OC x Newt Scamander They were together for 17 years before they got married, so it can be assumed that they were deeply in love throughout all of those years. When shes made Head Girl, she finally gets the chance to make her move. And he had certainly never hated Harry Potter. He asked Harry as he made eye contact. What happens next might be more than he ever could have imagined. FAQ's More You Might Like What is Harry Potter Lemon Fanfiction? Now they find themselves starting fresh in a galaxy far, far away. Story: Step into the dark with Constant Change Figures, a hot and steamy one-shot Harry Potter lemon fanfiction. Harry Potter was in love with Ginny Weasley. Gracias a una publicidad conoce Only Fans, una aplicacin Muggle que le permite ganar dinero compartiendo imgenes erticas de s mismo.Anhelando una atencin distinta a ser El Nio Que Vivi, Harry se incursiona en el rubro del trabajo sexual online.Lo que no sabe, es que su antiguo nmesis Draco Malfoy ser su mayor fantico. Daddy doesn't want Harry to be sick, he wants his baby to feel better," Daddy whispered. The good news: he's not expelled from Hogwarts. Harry stopped crying. Although wellcared for, Dumbledore still feels the need to check on him, and who does he send? The Gray Side of the Force, sick of dealing with the Light and Dark's squabbles and never ending game of who is better at the detriment of the luminous beings that try to follow their ever changing wills, finds four people who are absolutely not part of their universe and sees a way to end their siblings stupid fight, or at least kark it up enough they can't do their normal shenanigans and give them a much needed break.The four, a bunch of humans called Harry, Agatha, Sakura and Shepard are all too glad to get out of the boring and endless white afterlife they are trapped in and agree. This story is pretty much pure smut with a bit of plot within each chapter. And drowning, too, considering the fact that he survived the cave in 1979 and faked his death for two years, popping in to give Sirius the fright of his life on Halloween. Could it be that the stone cold heart of Severus Snape is in-fact the thing Remus has been searching for all along? P'ease!" Poppy took Harry over to a bed and did a couple of more tests with her wand. Winner of H&Cos smut writing challenge, this story is full of laughs and sizzling hot scenes between Harry and Hermione. Harry decides to learn from Sirius the summer after he meets him and learns everything about magic and Animagi. harry potter fanfiction harry treated like a baby lemon. Together they try and put the past behind them by seeking comfort in firewhisky and each other. My Hero Academia And I've been meaning to tell youI think your house is hauntedYour dad is always mad and that must be whyAnd I think you should come live withMe and we can be piratesThen you won't have to cryOr hide in the closetAnd just like a folk songOur love will be passed on, (Gilmore girls au with the main idea, but there will be a lot of differences and different plot lines). came the voice of Severus Snape. A collection of exerts, side stories, and other that take place within Deaths Choice but didnt have a specific place. Features different men (mostly Harry) and women in various situations. After Harry's escape from the Dursleys the summer he turns thirteen, he has a powerful bout of accidental magic. Now I'm going to make your life miserable. On his shoulders was placed a great responsability for which he was never given the necessary tools or the opportunity to use them. Little does Harry know that Voldemort is the smallest of his troubles well, its a good thing Harry has a knack for finding talented and gorgeous witches. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). Severus turned to Harry who stared at him with a bold look. He offered me a positionas a Death Eater, he croaked through a suddenly dry throat. Harry/Lily. The men ignored him as they began to talk. Or think about anything at all. TLDR: McGonagall knows the Dursley aren't fit to raise Harry Potter, and decides she must do it herself. Harry Potter lemon fanfiction refers to fan-written stories that have explicit, steamy scenes involving the characters from the Harry Potter universe. So this is my warning. That much is certain, in fact- its the only thing Im absolutely positive of. Daddy opened the door and walked over to the crib, his eyes full of compassion. Harry Potter is changed into a baby and Severus Snape must watch over him. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). Here we present some of the finest examples of Harry Potter lemon fanfics out there! It's basically harry being raised by different people. Sirius and Remus look after him. But all is not sugarplums and roses in the dark lords life, as he has to balance fatherhood, Harrys friends, a pushy Nagini, a faux finac, a nude best friend who is constantly predicting his death, and Sirius Black of all things. (Wrote the tags to cover up any holes- those things are too subtle.). He must hide what he is from everyone, or risk losing the place in the world he only just found. His birth had been a joyous occasion as the Malfoy's personal healer had told them that they would not be able to have children after the birth of their first child Draco Lucius Malfoy due to Lucius being infertile. #baby what does r 4 mean in linear algebra; borage tincture recipe; lorgnette opera glasses; leo sun virgo rising celebrities; Shh, Hagrid said, rocking the tiny girl in his gigantic arms. However in the winter of 1982, Lucius and Narcissa added a third person to their marriage, the one and only Severus Snape, and so the pair's dream to have two children was fulfilled. The knowledge that Lord Voldemort is alive propels Harry to greatness as Slytherin House awakens the strategist inside him. In the summer of the year 1986, the Malfoy family was celebrating the first birthday of their second child Hadrian Severus Malfoy, in the Lestrange Manor. Podfic Text-to-Speech (TTS) reading of Da Capo by ImpishTubist. When Hermione stumbles across a James Potter she cant resist, all bets are off. Or new areas of old planets in search of something new. Harry felt his body relax with relief, his heart, and head both still pounding. He groaned and began to cry. Three witches, destined for greatness. The shattered remnants of people that the war left behind. Even his brood realizes this and decides to do something. But, in the end, it didnt matter that James had declared that he would never love anyone else but Lily. Harry Potter has always had to be more adult than he really is. Sadly, several others saw my face, so I guess a friend of mine will have to be your "daddy" and I'm very sure he won't be kind to you. Ancient Norse Deities. And, consequently, showing up just in time for the events that followed. Cross posted on Wattpad under BooksR4ever18. One summoned from another world? Then, suddenly, I believe, all eyes snapped to Dumbledore, whose own were twinkling once again, we can use this to our advantage.. Its also a great way to explore leads that were never explored in the original work or even leads that dont exist at all! Snape closed his eyes as he thought. He went back to Harry's room. It was now five in the morning. The world does not know this. But there's still one debt Harry has to pay. Harry dies and comes back in time for a do over of life. Pokemon An expanded version of "praying to whatever's in heaven, please send me a felon". However, on the night of the 8th of July, the quiet silence of the county of Wiltshire was broken by the sound of the most horrifying blood-curdling screams that one could ever imagine. With the Horcruxes destroyed, Voldemort dead, and Peter revealed as a traitor, the only things left on Regulus' to-do list is destroy Dumbledore's reputation and rebuild all of Wizarding Society. AU Dnde James y Sirius van a una misin para la Orden; y Voldemort decide atacar la casa Potter mientras Lily y Remus estaban cuidando al pequeo Harry. In which Ron is totally alright with Harry and Tom dating, he just thinks that its a little weird. Harry doesn't need the money, but a little extra attention doesn't hurt. He groaned and began to cry. He dumped the potion into Harry's mouth and forced Harry's mouth shut. "Do you still feel sick?" Ron x Hermionepansy x blaiseLucius x Narcissa, Translation of Only Fans y El Secreto de Harry Potter. He decides to take drastic actions to relive the childhood he and Sirius never got to share. After turning 18 during the summer after the Return of Lord Voldemort, Mia Potter embraces the slut lifestyle. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Harry is reborn and has to share his body with his younger self. Snape was now at the nearby wizar. Sirius is a doofus. The goddesses then give Harry a chance to warn the world by sending him back to the end of his third year at Hogwarts. James Potter has a perfect life, friends, family, and love. Et pourquoi pas Dumbledore ? Harry Potter is a nexus of destiny. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. What if he changed? Harry Potter affidato ai suoi zii babbani, che non lo amano e lo maltrattano. Yes theres parental discipline so if you don't like that, don't read it :). Until one fine day in sixth year, when he finds himself with a small, adorable child clinging to his right leg, calling him Papa. As the year progresses, he finds that being an Animagus is not as appealing as it seems to be it's better than that. But what if none of this ever happened? Marvel Harry was sitting up, tears pouring down his face. #severussnape. Hope you enjoy! Severus looked down at his baby who was now sleeping. #potion I know you hate him so I thought it best that you watch him. This time though she's gotten a little more than she thought was possible. He would do anything to find him, even team up with a former enemy who surprises him at every turn with his kindness and wisdom. Narrowing his eyes at him, he ordered without turning "Take him to Azkaban.". Severus had always believed that romance wasnt for him.