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How to keep your website user friendly & give a good user experience?

December 27, 2016 | 277 Views

With the ever changing technology and design requirements all across the technology arena what has not changed is the User Experience. It remains to be at the centre point of all the designs and developments. The ultimate target that every one wants to achieve is a great User Experience or UX.


Few points that if taken care of could give good user experience when you are getting your website ready could be:

1. Speed optimised pages : Pages that load faster have high chances of less abandonment, though its not a guarantee.

2. Short & crisp text : No body wants to read huge paragraphs of texts specially when most of the users are on mobile or ipad. So make sure the contents are bulleted and short.

3. Consistency : Like everything else website also needs to be consistent across all the pages and contents, images, spaces, placements etc.

4. Responsive : The most important part of UX is a responsive website. With a number of different types of devices around for internet usage from mobiles, ipads, notes, phablets, desktops, laptops etc and all of different sizes, a website fitting into the screen of all the users gives them a perfect user experience.

5. Minimalism : You don’t need put in everything on one page of the website. Just show what is really important and leave the space blank. Let that one word or website do everything for your website.