Troubleshoot guide for SSL certificate errors on google chrome

SSL Certificates are used as a security option that secures communication between a (browser) and a server. SSL secured website, means the data entered is encrypted with high cryptographic algorithms and cannot be tampered with.

Today, Google Chrome is more concerned about the security of its users; It will display an SSL certificate errors if there is a single mistake in a website.

Generally, a user may get an SSL certificate Error on Google Chrome that states: “Cannot connect to real”. You may also come across invalid SSL certificate error.

SSL Certificate error in a browser is also known as Chrome SSL Connection Error.

Main reasons behind SSL Certificate Error on Google Chrome are:

The System Time is not the real-time.
The SSL certificate has Expired.
Google Chrome is not updated.
The SSL certificate is not Installed properly.
The SSL certificate is not issued by a Trusted Certificate Authority (CA) or a self-signed certificate is used to secure a website.
The website is secured with an outdated 128-bit SSL.
The website is secured with an outdated SHA-1 Algorithm.
Untrusted SSL Client Certificate error

Starting Today, Google Chrome is going to Security Warnings for Non SSL Certificate websites

Starting today, the Google Chrome browser is going to show a full-page warning whenever users are accessing an HTTPS website that’s using an SSL certificate that has not been logged in a public Certificate Transparency (CT) log or could be for other reasons too.

Google Chrome SSL Certificate Error

By doing so, Chrome becomes the first browser to implement support for the Certificate Transparency Log Policy. Other browser makers have also agreed to support this mechanism in the future, albeit they have not provided more details.

This new policy was first proposed by Google engineers in 2016, and was scheduled to enter into effect in October 2017, but was later delayed for 2018.

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