How to keep your website user friendly & give a good user experience?

With the ever changing technology and design requirements all across the technology arena what has not changed is the User Experience. It remains to be at the centre point of all the designs and developments. The ultimate target that every one wants to achieve is a great User Experience or UX.


Few points that if taken care of could give good user experience when you are getting your website ready could be:

1. Speed optimised pages : Pages that load faster have high chances of less abandonment, though its not a guarantee.

2. Short & crisp text : No body wants to read huge paragraphs of texts specially when most of the users are on mobile or ipad. So make sure the contents are bulleted and short.

3. Consistency : Like everything else website also needs to be consistent across all the pages and contents, images, spaces, placements etc.

4. Responsive : The most important part of UX is a responsive website. With a number of different types of devices around for internet usage from mobiles, ipads, notes, phablets, desktops, laptops etc and all of different sizes, a website fitting into the screen of all the users gives them a perfect user experience.

5. Minimalism : You don’t need put in everything on one page of the website. Just show what is really important and leave the space blank. Let that one word or website do everything for your website.

Today is the best day to take your business online


We know the benefits of going online, having an ecommerce website, getting to customers etc etc. Still for some reason we keep postponing having our own website.

The earlier your start your website the better it is and the best day to start your website is today.

The biggest benefit is that the progress has a concrete shape in front of your eyes. A good site cannot come in a day or two, rather its a long process.

Also once you have your website ready and published you need to make sure it doesn’t go back behind the walls.

You need to keep in mind that you must keep doing something with your website. That can be publishing often, adding to directories etc. That is the best your can do to make search engines know that yes you are alive and your website too.

Are you setting up a new website?

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Setting up a new website in WordPress is a fairly simple process. First, you will need your domain name, and you will want to get hosting for it. Be sure that you pick a domain that really fits your business, but unique and catchy.

Get Your Domain


 There are many ways for you to get your domain name but I recommend GoDaddy. I don’t recommend GoDaddy for anything else, but they have excellent propagation time to setup your website. Also, their introductory special for .com domains is unbeatable along with phone support.

Ask yourself these questions when picking a domain:

  • Is the domain easy to spell?
  • Is the domain short and concise?
  • Are you using the correct extension? (.com, .net, .org)

Setting Up Hosting




Hosting is basically the housing for your domain. Your website needs a place to live. Without it, people won’t be able to stop by for a visit and you won’t be able to decorate the way you want. {yes, it’s that basic!} Essentially, without your own hosting, you will have to follow the design specifications of whatever platform you are using.

Sure you can get a free or low-cost website but you will be very limited to what you can do with it. Hosting isn’t expensive and sometimes you have to pay to play. Your business needs to stand out, not blend in, so start with a domain then hosting followed by brand clarity and a gorgeous design.

I use and recommend GreenGeeks and here’s why:

  • Enhanced WordPress security
  • Automated nightly backups
  • Excellent customer service
  • One click WordPress installation

Installing WordPress & add theme of your choice



WordPress is the platform for you to create your blog posts, your pages and everything for your website.
These instructions are for the Green Geeks cpanel but you could use them as a base. If your hosting backend (cpanel) looks absolutely nothing like this you could simply Google “WordPress installation hosting company“.